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Purchase Assistance

Buy a vehicle in Europe

In our purchase assistance, you will be assisted from A to Z in the process of finding and buying, we even offer registration & insurance to our customers.

Starting at € 3k


Online Guidance Session

100 min. online

Advice & Travel Consult on Finding, choosing and buying a RV / Motorhome on the European market as a non-european citizen.

€ 99,-

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Purchase Inspection

Inspect potential risks

We offer inspections to make sure the vehicle you purchase is solid, truthful and all is in working order!

Starting at € 490,-



Harro in Europe Youtube Channel

Harro in Europe Youtube Channel

Reizen in Zweden
Eiffeltoren Parijs

Where, What and When to Purchase

Easy mistakes occur when you don't know a market well enough, not knowing the language and the culture even makes it harder! Harro has helped customers from all over the world to purchase an RV and other vehicles in Europe. From the beginning to the very end Harro will be your personal assistant in Europe. He will know where to look, how to find information, check the vehicle, negotiate and all other things that seem impossible to organise as a foreigner.

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Harro in

When I was eight years old our family bought a motorhome and we drove to Hungary and Romania, I absolutely loved it. In the next years, my father build a national company with several locations and offering more than 100 motorhomes through the Netherlands, I was fortunate to grow up in the market and purchased my first RV before I had a drivers license. within two weeks it was sold and my passion was born. In the last 6 years i have helped over 50 customers to purchase a motorhome in Europe.  

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Buy a Motorhome in Europe

There are several ways to purchase a vehicle in Europe.

We cam go into the one that will be most suited for your trip. With the option of Buyback programs, Registration and Insurance programs or registering a vehicle with your own company in France, there are options for all kinds of budgets.

How to purchase a vehicle in Europe without being a citizen.

100 min. online

Advice & Travel Consult

€ 99 ,-

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