5 Different Types of RVs: Everything you NEED to Know [Motorhome, RV, Campervan]

Whether you are an adventure traveler who likes to explore nature, a road trip enthusiast who wants to discover new places, or just looking for a flexible way to travel, RVs offer the perfect solution. There are a lot of different types of motorhomes out there, which can make it difficult to find the right one to suit you.

Different types of RV’s

In this blog, we name 5 different types of motorhomes which will hopefully make the choice of finding one that suits you a little easier.

  1. Campervan
  2. Motorhome with alcove
  3. Caravan
  4. Volkswagen Motorhome Van
  5. Off-road Campervan

1: The campervan

The campervan is a compact and maneuverable type of motorhome. Because the campervan is a bit smaller than a normal motorhome, it is ideal to use both in town and on the bigger roads. Going to a nice village in France or planning to tour the mountainous landscape of Austria? This motorhome is almost as easy to use as a passenger car and ideal if you want to go on a trip as a couple, for example.

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2: Motorhome with alcove

The alcove motorhome can be recognized by the extension above the driver’s cabin. It is a real family camper with lots of storage space and sleeping accommodation for several people. A camper with an alcove has several advantages, including versatility.

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There are several models to choose from, including compact models for couples and large models for families. Another advantage is good insulation. Because the alcove protrudes above the driver’s cabin, it provides extra insulation. Of course, there are always some drawbacks too, one of them being higher fuel consumption than smaller motorhomes like the campervan or a Volkswagen campervan.

3: Caravan

Who doesn’t know it; the caravan? The caravan is a trailer attached to a vehicle. The choice is vast within the range of caravans, which may make it difficult to find the one that suits you. They come in countless types, sizes, and weights. But also caravans with single or double axles, folding trailers, or hybrid caravans.


4: Volkswagen Camper Van

The Volkswagen Camper Van, also known as The iconic Volkswagen van, is a classic in the world of motorhomes. Like the campervan, this is a compact and maneuverable model.

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The Volkswagen van is often associated with the 1960s, nowadays there is also an electric model ”the ID.Buzz” on the market. Both the classic and modern versions are suitable for road trips or to escape from everyday life for a while.

5: Off-road Camper

This motorhome is specially designed for the adventurous traveler. There are different types and sizes of this too. So which off-road motorhomes are there? We list them; a 4×4 car with a rooftop tent, a pick-up truck with a living unit, 4×4 bus camper, and an expedition vehicle.

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Do you like going on adventures and are looking for a camper van to match? Then it is definitely advisable to look into this.

We will list all the advantages and disadvantages of a motorhome in a convenient way:

The advantages of renting or buying a motorhome include:

  • A motorhome offers freedom.
  • If you travel more often, it can save costs on things like hotels and food.
  • You can go out spontaneously and you are flexible in your choice of travel.
  • A motorhome is ideal for families because you have several sleeping places.
  • You can travel at your own pace which allows you to decide whether you stay in the same place for 1 day or 1 week.

The disadvantages of renting or buying a campervan include:

  • Motorhomes can be quite pricey to buy, especially if you don’t know if you will use them much in the future.
  • Motorhomes are higher in fuel consumption.
  • If you have a larger campervan with you, parking options are more limited.
  • In terms of space, you are also a lot more limited, think of living and storage space.
  • You also need extra insurance for a campervan and you are often weather-dependent.

Whether you want to buy or rent a campervan or caravan, there are plenty of choices to delve into. Choosing a motorhome or caravan depends on your budget, your travel plans, and the needs you have as a person.

Harro in Europe

Questions that can help you make a choice are; How many people are you travelling with, what kind of trip do you want to make, what does the motorhome need to meet and what is the budget? Of course, you can find a lot of information on the internet, but there are also companies specialized in this area that can help you. In any case, be well informed.

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