5 Reasons Why You Should Travel with a Campervan in Europe in 2024

Last year, I traveled with a motorhome through Eastern Europe towards Dubrovnik. My travel with a campervan in Europe was an amazing experience. How wonderful is it that when you travel with an RV, you can easily change your plans? For instance, while in Poland and facing bad weather, we chose to turn south faster. In this blog, I describe 5 reasons why you should travel with a motorhome in Europe in 2024.

Travel in Europe

5 Reasons to travel with a campervan

In this blog, I listed five reasons why you should travel with a campervan in Europe. It provides you with absolute freedom, has a relatively low cost and you have an amazing opportunity to meet new people.

Reason 1: Absolute Freedom in Europe

When traveling with a campervan, you are bound only by where your steering wheel takes you. If you’re somewhere and want to stay longer, that’s no problem at all. You are truly the master of your choices, unlike organized tours. You get to choose your views, whether it’s in a romantic German village or along the Portuguese coast with your surfboard.

Reason 2: Off the Beaten Track

You’re familiar with the scenario when you book a trip to a place like Lisbon; you arrive and are mostly confined to the big city. But when you travel with a camper towards Lisbon, you also pass through all the small idyllic villages. This makes a camper trip unique, taking you to places where tourists rarely venture, providing a unique experience and extraordinary encounters.

With a camper, you can park anywhere for an overnight stay. The Park4Night app guides you to the most beautiful spots.

Reason 3: Low Costs

Another great reason to travel with a camper in Europe is to keep costs low. When you go somewhere on your own with your camper, you keep expenses down. You can often find free overnight spots through the Park4Night app, leading you to beautiful places with reviews from other travelers and plenty of information about the surroundings.

Reason 4: Meeting New People

Traveling with a camper puts you in quick contact with new people. You meet fellow camper travelers or locals. Last year, in a small village in Bosnia, we encountered a Dutch missionary family. It was a truly extraordinary meeting, and we were invited to stay for dinner and use their bathroom in the evening. How delightful it was to conclude such a meeting with an evening of worship and prayer.

Meeting new people around a campfire

Reason 5: Follow the Weather

Another wonderful aspect of traveling with a house on wheels is that you choose where you want to be. If you want to sit in the sun with delightful temperatures, you travel there. You’re not bound by anything other than your own choice of destination.


Traveling through Europe provides a unique experience that you really should try at least once. Sometimes, choosing a camper can be a challenge due to high rental prices. If you want to travel affordably through Europe, take a look at our camper purchase assistance with guaranteed buyback. If you want to travel more often through Europe and own your camper as a non-European citizen, check out our online guidance session.

If you want to learn more about the differences in campers and what to look for, I recommend buying our e-book: How to Buy a Motorhome in Europe. You can purchase the e-book here.

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