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When choosing the right campervan or motorhome in Europe there are as many opinions on RV sizes as there are options. Throughout my life, I have travelled around Europe in RVs from 5 meters up to 8 meters. In this article, my opinion about the best RV size in Europe.

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“A large motorhome is not suitable for the European roads!”

This is what you often read in blogs, and honestly, I have no idea what they are talking about, first of all, it is just a very bold and broad thing to say. Europe has 51 countries, and all of them have different roads. When I was 10 years old, my parents drove an 8-meter coach throughout Romania and Hungary, we always avoided motorways and never had any issues with our size.

I seldom encounter roads where I can not drive because of my size, as you can imagine most villages have shops that need to be stored with products, this is brought to them by trucks, besides, every touristic town has touring buses bringing tourists to them, they all have to drive these same streets and are a lot larger than the average RV size.

Some roads are not suitable for larger campervans, just like there are roads not suitable for campervans and roads not suitable for cars in general. On some occasions, I experienced harder times driving in the countryside, in the UK for example, where the roads are narrow and it’s difficult to see through the corner. Length doesn’t matter in these cases, the width of a motorhome is indeed around 30cm wider than the campervans, how ever, these are roads that I also avoid with a campervan.

Some roads, like mountain passes and in the bigger cities are easier to drive through with a campervan, but I usually advise people to not make their RV size decisions on “some” roads.

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“It’s difficult to Free Camp with a larger RV size | It’s easier to Park with a small campervan.”

Another thing that I don’t experience, is I camp EVERYWHERE, nature, close to bigger cities, all over Europe. And I only experienced 2 moments where it’s easier to have a small van.

Height restrictions
In some places, specifically larger cities or tourist areas there are a lot of height restrictions, often you are too large with the regular Motorhome and taller campervans, at some locations there are only vans welcome, but 9/10 places I visit are fine for any kind of RV. Using apps like Park4Night will give you photo’s of the free camping spots before you have to go there, this way you never have to worry about these things. In my experience, I can camp at almost every location I go with my 7.5-meter motorhome.

Bigger Cities
In the bigger cities, it’s always more comfortable to have a campervan over a motorhome, it’s also more comfortable to drive a car and even more, to drive a motorbike, I don’t park for the night very often within these cities, I believe it would be easier to park with a campervan, but I have no troubles myself parking outside of the city and take republic transport into the centre, this feels saver and gives a little more ease. This would be a matter of your personal preference.

Yes, but just like camping it’s all about where you go, in tourist villages or bigger cities it can be difficult to find a parking spot, but I always manage, and I think that says a lot about these questions. What is your travel plan, how comfortable are your driving and parking skills? There are truths in the things you read, but it’s often not about the streets, cities or places in Europe but more often about personal experiences.

Ferry costs

It can cost more to take a motorhome on the ferry, however, how many times will you be on a ferry and does this compensate for the time you are living, working and travelling in your vehicle?

My personal experience and preference.

When picking your motorhome I think it’s rather more important to think about your travel plans. Myself, I travel in a 7,5 meter RV size, I park everywhere, take countryside roads and do visit larger cities. I free camp in nature and even though they are not my favourite, drive in the mountain passes. Having a small or large campervan in Europe depends on your wishes, are you a city person or are you just planning to visit some bigger cities, do you want to base your decision on the ferry you will take or the amount of time you are travelling and living in your motorhome and the RV size that is suitable.

I like the extra space, and not being in each other’s way, I can get a coffee and do some work while my partner is still asleep, and when I am cooking I am not bothering anyone that is accompanying me on my trip.

When buying a motorhome in Europe, you might want to know about the set-ups, types, and brands of RVs what is the right investment and how to get registered. I am writing an E-book that contains all of my experience and information, it will soon be published on www.HarroinEurope.com

Check out Harro’s Youtube video about RV Sizes in Europe

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Harro grew up in the Motorhome market in western Europe, from a young age he was loving the RV life and it was no wonder he started his first RV company at the age of 21. For the last 7 years, he has been learning about the RV market, buying and selling motorhomes for himself and customers all over the world. Now he will share his knowledge with you! Writing an e-book, and helping customers find their ultimate dream RV is his passion. Feel free to contact him for assistance, or questions or to know what is available in his stock. Throughout his company www.europe-roadtrip.com you are able to register and insure a vehicle as a non-European citizen.

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