Guaranteed Buyback

Guaranteed Buyback

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They fed us authentic, comforting food, filled us with the best coffee and showed us how to operate the rig. We left their home ready to begin this yearlong, nomadic journey. Thank you Harro Mulder for treating us like family!
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Jama & Grant

Buy and own an RV in Europe?

Purchase a vehicle in Europe and use it the coming years fo multiple trips.

€3000,-/full program

Repurchase Program

Buy a Motorhome/RV and sell it back to us after your travels. Perfect for Europe travels  of  3 to 15 months. Under the name of Europe Roadtrip Company Harro has helped over 100 customers from all over the world.

Purchase a RV from our stock or have us find a suitable motorhome for you. Get a guaranteed buyback price for the duration of your Europe trip and sell it back to us after your travels. Don’t worry about registration or insurance as a non-european/foreign citizen. In our buyback program we offer to register and insure the vehicle on our companies name.

One of the cheapest ways to travel Europe!

Travelling through Europe in an RV is a dream for many families and couple’s, how ever, renting a vehicle is way to expensive and buying seems impossible for e non European citizen. In our Guaranteed buyback program we can offer a wide range of motorhomes for families, couple’s or solo travellers. We discuss a repurchase price prior to your trip, after a 10% downpayment we will service the vehicle completely, do all the checks and even pick you up from the Airport near Amsterdam. We can meet you anywhere in Europe if you want to start your trip elsewhere. After your road trip, you simply return the vehicle and get back the discussed buyback price.

We offer a wide range of services which makes our family business unique, flexible and above all a very personal experience. We offer free inventory like outside tables and chairs, a complete instruction of how the vehicles work and can even install any add-ons you might want on the vehicle before you leave. You can send over products to our house and we even encourage customers to spend the first night or two at our yard, meeting us and getting used to the vehicle. A buyback will be always less than € 1000 per month for periods above 7 months. This is excluding insurance and road tax. Get in contact for quotes or more information.

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