Purchase Assistance

Buying a vehicle in Europe is a massive struggle for any non-european citizen. So why don't have someone take care of everything? Harro will find suitable vehicles to your demands, give you other options and will share his ideas. After finding your ideal RV, Car or Motorhome he will purchase it on your behalf, negotiate and pick up the vehicle. extra's like maintenance or check ups will be done when booked and you will be able to pick up your vehicle anywhere in Eruope. Need storage? no problem, Road side assistance? give us a call in need! Harro in Europe will be your personal local travel agent!

Insurance and Registration

As a non european citizen can not own a vehicle in Europe without business schemes or difficult visa's we offer to register and insure the vehicle for you.

This way you can own a vehicle for multiple years and trips in Europe. When you want to sell your vehicle you can again ask Harro in Europe to sell it on your behalf or get all the information about the selling market.

We buy most of our vehicles in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium or France. 

Costs of the purchase assistance start around € 3000,- 

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Online Session

100 min. € 99,-

Get all the in's and out's of buying a motorhome without using our fysical assistance.


20 years experience in Motorhomes

We are a family company!

We have helped customers from all over the world to travel europe by motorhome.


Guidance while
in Europe

Need Assistance? 

Call your personal travel agent.

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