Cliff Wandelen
Reizen in Zweden

Your Journey

Booking a Dream trip

Together we will find out what kind of trip suits you the best. First we would set the dates, persons and overall idea's. I will aks you or send you a list with options your might be interested in. for example: Culture, Sport, Hiking, City, Country side, etc. etc. you can choose all of them or just a couple. then i will give my opinion in what countries are most suited for your interests and timeframe. once i have all the information i will provide you with some general ideas. You can choose which one is most suited and i will plan a complete trip. You can follow, change and alter your journey to your own extend. we can discuss things like booking in advance or up to a certain time frame.

During your Trip

During your journey, we will stay in contact whenever you like. you will receive a full itinerary and will have several options and advice per location. Personally, i always recommend free walking tours as you can drift off if it's not for you and if you do like it you can pay them like € 5 euro or more if you want to tip. I will provide you with local information, cultural info, and tips and tricks like whether its considered rude or normal to bargain. Also, things like prices to pay for souvenirs and also very important: What street tricks they use to rip tourists off.

All to keep you safe and sound during your travels.

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