Online Guidance Session

Online Guidance Session

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Harro is a wonderful guy, Helped us a lot with information and important details, He is always desire to help. definitely recommend anyone interested in the motorhomes world to talk to him and get his help, he is an expert.
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Tomer Gelles

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Get a written insight in the Dutch and German RV Market, what, where, when and how to purchase an RV in Europe.


Online face-time session

Advice & travel Consult on finding, choosing and purchasing motorhomes on the European market as a non-european citizen. Specialised in Germany, The Netherlands and knowledge of the France and Belgium RV market.

Buying an RV ain’t easy, try buying one on the other side of the planet! Thanks to Harro you will be able to get all the insights and knowledge about brands, type’s investment wise and practical tips and tricks.

There are heaps of engine brands out there, to make it easier there are even more RV brands! 

The right purchase consists of the following inquiries. 

  • Value and return on investment
  • Top class RV brand
  • Right Engine size and brand
  • Seller and history known


Learn everything you need to know

During this session we will talk about your needs, together we will find out what set-up suits you the best. Then based on your budget we will talk about realistic options and expectations. I will explain some about the brands, their quality, popularity and investment chances. We will dive into the engine classes, the do’s and don’ts and give you some options that are on the market already.  

After that, we will briefly talk about how to recognise and check sellers, a vehicle’s history and how to spot fraud. If you want I can give you some information about the different negotiating cultures and what to expect in the different categories. Besides other things, you are welcome to send me some of your options in a later stadium and I will give my view on them for free.

€ 145,-Online session

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