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Buying an RV in Germany

We found the perfect fit for Norman and Susan, in this video we made our way to Germany to see, negotiate and purchase Normans new Motorhome. On our way we made a quick stop but unfortunately that vehicle was not the right fit!

When buying a Motorhome in Europe it's very important to know the values of different brands throughout Europe. We are specifically specialized in the Dutch and German market which is not so different from the Belgium and France RV field. Some brands stick out because of quality and popularity, some will be a great investment and the other will be a quality product but impossible to sell. We have overpriced brands, promotion scheme's and just too many starters with opinions and dealers with intentions.

For the last 15 years our family has been in the RV industry and we have noticed a lot of changes, Dethleffs that went from a Proper b-class to an absolute luxery brand, Adria that took over the market with their quality etc. etc. We have seen great vehicles and unfortunately way too many poor ones.

Looking for some solid advice before you make a purchase? Feel free to send me an email or whatsapp/call to +31636590880

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