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Norman (USA) Bought this Adria!

Norman and Susan form the USA e-mailed me a year ago, a couple of months ago they decided they needed some help in the purchase of a Motorhome in Europe.


European Registration and Insurance are almost impossible to organise without help of a friend of family member. For those who seek that security and assistance we provide a full service in the Purchase of a vehicle and all that goes with it. When you have a personal assistant in Europe you don't have to worry about being on a foreign market, about updates in things like the Ukraine war or where and when to go. How does your shengen visa work? What is the best brand to buy in Europe? How do i get the best return on investment? With Harro you will always have a basecamp in Europe.

Norman and Susan ended up buying this great Adria Coral in Germany, with the registration and insurance program they can roam Europe whenever they want, they will go down and forth for multiple trips in Europe. When they are in the USA they can easily maintain there vehicle and get new MOT's, repairs or relocate the vehicle to start their next trip somewhere else than the Netherlands.

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