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"Dealing with him is like dealing with your best buddy. he got me trough all my ordeals with ease and promptness. Bravo, Harro! Thank you for making my dream come true."
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Purchase Assistance​

Buying a vehicle in Europe is a massive struggle for any non-european citizen. So why don’t have someone take care of everything?

Harro will find suitable vehicles on your demand, he will share his experience and expertise on the right brand, engine and type of RV so you will never be stuck with a bad investment.

Together we will find out what set-up you prefer and what vehicles will be realistic to find within your budget. Get an answer to the many questions you might have and learn about all the different Motorhomes while Harro will give you some suitable options available on the market at that moment. simply decide which one you want, and Harro will take car of the rest.

Insurance and Registration

To register or insure a vehicle in Europe you would need a permanent address or citizenship in some way. We will register the camper van for you on our companies name, while you will be the financial owner and liable for the vehicle. Harro will organize Dutch or German license plates and will tell you exactly what your obligations are for the coming years. Besides that he will guide you through all that you need to know when owning a RV in Europe. On your behalf, Harro will take care of locating, negotiating, transport, mechanical and physical RV checks, license plates, administration.

On average customers spend around a € 3000,- one time costs for the purchase assistance, after that our services will cost € 1400,- per year.

Harro offers a wide range of personal assistance and services, he will be able to provide add-ons like solar panels or a LPG filling station on your RV and will fully instruct the ins and outs of the vehicle after picking you up from the airport in Amsterdam. Take a day or two at our yard and get ready for your first trip in Europe. Get some guidance from Harro on the road when needed, or enjoy some free enthusiastic travel advise. Place the vehicle in our storage and we will make sure its ready for your next trip. 

€1400,- Per year

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