During your Trip

Motorhoming Europe is about being free. with the trip i have planned you can decide to follow when ever you want. find something along the way you can simply continue from any point along the route. During your trip it might be handy to contact me when you spend some time off route to see how to compensate time when you still want to do the rest of the route. 

You can expect Roadside assistance when you are on the road, new ideas for new places you want to visit. Help along the way when there are problems or situations that need assistance. 

The price will include the motorhome, inventory, our route and plans, plus our services. For highseason travel we can book some campsites if necessary but overall is making reservations not included.

Achteraanzicht van man met rugzak

Planning your Trip

Together we will find out what kind of trip suits you the best. First we would set the dates, persons and overall idea's. I will aks you or send you a list with options your might be interested in. for example: Culture, Sport, Hiking, City, Country side, etc. etc. you can choose all of them or just a couple. then i will give my opinion in what countries are most suited for your interests and timeframe. once i have all the information i will provide you with some general ideas. You can choose which one is most suited and i will plan a complete trip. For motorhoming the best trip is the information. some places could be booked, in high season but overall we can avoid to give you the freedom to follow the route and simply get on and off the track.

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