Learn the full progress

Campervan registration process​

In the steps below I'll explain all the steps there are to owning your own motorhome in Europe. This way you'll know exacly what will happen and what you should prepare for.

By reading the below 10 steps you'll learn everything you need to know. Now it's time to own your own motorhome.

Contact harro via contact form

You know you want to purchase an RV in Europe and realise you need some help. You might know what you want and with what time frame, send over the information you have and I will personally reflect and advise you on your ideas and/or choices.

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Choose your motorhome

At this point we have a good idea of what will be available for your budget, what set-ups you would like, and what brands will likely be better investments.

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Choose from selection

I might pick some out of the previous options but I will start looking on the German and Dutch market and come up with a maximum of 5 potential vehicles. I will ask you to make a top 3, these will be vehicles that are already suitable to purchase.

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Contact dealer/seller

Right now I will discuss with you further steps, drawing up a contract and making plans for payments while I contact the dealer/seller to get information about the seller and vehicle. I will look for trustworthy dealers/sellers.

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Vehicle validation

I will check the vehicle and make sure its mechanically sound, its as we’ve seen on the photo’s etc. I will negotiate on your behalf and hopefully make you happy with a good sum of money to talk off the price.

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Owning a motorhome in Europe

I will keep you updated and in the mean time will agree and settle on the price. I will sign contracts and make sure all the paperwork is correct and organized. YOU NOW OWN A MOTORHOME IN EUROPE!

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Customize your motorhome

When its in our storage facility we will be able to build in some add-ons if you want, extra’s like solar panels, or LPG filling stations to make sure its ready for your first trip. We can discuss your needs, but usually make sure the water is filled and you have a gas bottle, we can also already buy the essentials for you like the correct electrical cords and more.

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Registration and insurance

Before you arrive we will register and insure the vehicle, most of this process is paperwork but we do need to go to the registration office in Germany to get your new plates.

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Your arrival

Let us pick you up from the airport in Amsterdam if you are coming to the NL and welcome you at our yard where you are free to stay a day or two while we are explaining all the ins and outs of the Motorhome.

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Time to travel

During the coming years and trips you are always free to call or whatsapp us when stuff is going on, to get advise on a mechanic that gave you a dodgy price, or when you are in trouble or any distress. We will be a little bit of a personal travel assistant to its limits.